Unfeigned and Unfazed

The world is looking for something real, something to give them hope. We have the answer and we need to be bold in sharing that answer. God gave His Son, Jesus gave His life, and the Holy Spirit gave us the power to tell a lost and dying world about this Good News. And this … Continue reading Unfeigned and Unfazed

What does God want for America?

What does God want for America? Let me start by saying what He does NOT want. God does not want… *Babies to be murdered*Homosexuality to be accepted *Nations that want to destroy Israel to be given financial assistance to help them accomplish their goal*Children to be taught that they can be a different gender or … Continue reading What does God want for America?

The spiritual darkness of BLM

The founders of Black Lives Matter are deeply involved in occult practices and perform rituals during their events. I've taken what THEY have said themselves.Melina Abdullah, co-founder of Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles, said "At its core, it's a spiritual movement." The articles (links at end of blog) talk about the practice of calling out the … Continue reading The spiritual darkness of BLM